In a landmark constitutional ruling in a case argued by Cuneo, Gilbert & LaDuca's Robert Cynkar, the Virginia Supreme Court reinstated a case brought by homeowners and residents of Fairfax County's Huntington subdivision that seeks damages from the Virginia Department of Transportation for the flood damage to their homes during the severe storm that hit the area in June 2006 (06/07/12).

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We are co-lead counsel in a defective shingles class action against Owens Corning. On May 18, 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that the company's past bankruptcy did not foreclose potential class members' claims and remanded the case to the Western District of Pennsylvania for further proceedings (05/21/12).

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Spotlight Cases

Cuneo Gilbert and LaDuca, LLP ("CGL"), has a long history of successful advocacy in cases of national significance. These cases represent some of our best work both as lawyers and as advocates for others.

Protecting kids from "Joe Camel"

Our firm was among the first group of law firms to challenge tobacco industry advertising practices. In 1991, with two California firms, we brought the so-called "Joe Camel" case, which alleged that R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's "Joe Camel" Advertising Campaign illegally tricked children into smoking cigarettes.

The settlement of the Joe Camel case, and a related case on behalf of fourteen California counties, provided for the public disclosure of documents showing that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company had studied teens with a view toward selling cigarettes. Our team turned these documents over to Congressman Henry Waxman, who released them at a press conference on January 15th, 1998, calling our team "real American heroes." These were perhaps the most significant documents concerning tobacco industry practices ever released and led to the phase-out of the "Joe Camel" campaign.

Representing Enron Investors

CGL served as "Washington Counsel" on behalf of the defrauded shareholders in the Enron Securities Litigation. That litigation recovered over $7 billion on behalf of defrauded investors.

Much of the focus of the litigation was in Congress and in the Supreme Court. CGL attorneys assisted the lead counsel in the development of the theory of "scheme liability" in 2002. We also marshaled numerous amici to file briefs in the Supreme Court in support of that theory. The recovery in that case was the largest in the history of federal securities litigation.

Winning justice for homeowners

In one of the largest product defect recoveries in recent history, Jonathan Cuneo and Charles LaDuca served as lead counsel in a bi-national settlement that provided $340 million to homeowners for the defective radiant heating hose known as Entran II.

Winning justice for more homeowners

In another large product defect settlement, Charles LaDuca served as co-lead counsel in the CertainTeed Roof Shingle litigation. Which, in the fall of 2010, the late Hon. Judge Louis H. Pollak of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania approved a settlement valued between $655 to $741 million on behalf of consumers.

The suit alleges that CertainTeed's organic shingles failed to perform as marketed and that CertainTeed knowingly and intentionally concealed these defects. The suit also alleged that CertainTeed had no intention of providing the services set forth in their warranties for these roofing shingles.

Information about the settlement, including how to submit a claim form, is available on the web at

Helping holocaust survivors

Our firm acted as co-lead counsel in a case on behalf of survivors of the Holocaust in Hungary and their heirs, whose personal property, found on the "Gold Train" in the final days of World War II, was looted by U.S. Army personnel and improperly appropriated by the U.S. government.

After four years of hard fought litigation, our firm won $25.5 million to be distributed worldwide to survivors through existing social welfare programs for survivors of the Holocaust in Hungary, as well as an unprecedented apology from the Bush administration for the conduct of the U.S. Army.

Protecting individuals privacy rights

The Metromail case commenced when Ohio grandmother Beverly Dennis contacted us because she had received a sexually suggestive letter from a maximum-security inmate in the state of Texas. Ms. Dennis had filled out and returned a questionnaire in a supermarket. The company had subcontracted for Texas state prisoners to "key" the information. Our firm brought a path-breaking class action --a one of a kind privacy case-- in Texas state court. That case was settled in 2000 for significant injunctive relief, and created an available pool of cash of $15 million for victims.

Protecting civil rights – opposing strip searches

Charles LaDuca and Alexandra Warren have served as co-lead counsel in approximately twenty major cases that challenged the strip search policies of counties and municipalities across the country, which include Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, as well as several counties in New Jersey.

All in all, our litigation has won injunctive relief and achieved over $29 million in settlement funds.

Compensating Prudential investors

CGL represented individual claimants against Prudential insurance Company in post-settlement proceedings after a class action charging that Prudential had abused policyholders through deceptive sales practices.

Over a period of eighteen months, our firm led a small army of lawyers who in turn conducted approximately 55,000 arbitration like proceeding in this $4 billion settlement.

Protecting companies from government overreaching

IFF Data Solutions hired CGL's Robert Cynkar at the last minute to defend it against bogus charges of defrauding the government of over $100 million in this "bet your company" case. In November 2009, after a three-week trial, Cynkar and his new legal team won a defense verdict.

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